Then he got married and had me and my siblings... so he never got to do that. I wouldn't worry about jobs being outsourced. I studied Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at university. There are a lot of things you will learn from having a focused education on any subject - Computer Science is not just "making games or websites or apps," there is an entire theoretical level you can get into that I find to be the really interesting part of the subject. Note that I live in Australia so my experience my differ slightly based on the job market etc. How do I switch from mechanical engineering to computer science? When you get out in the world you are likely to be doing lots of site work, or perhaps you will be dealing with clients a lot, or perhaps you will be doing technical work but even this is so far removed from the kind of work you did at uni. It is one of the oldest and broadest of the engineering branches.. Izbrane nastavitve lahko kadar koli spremenite v razdelku Vaše možnosti nadzora zasebnosti. Before long everyone will think of you as the computer science guy instead of the mechanical engineering guy and your memory of the stress of switching will be long gone. I don't often respond on reddit but this is so similar to my situation I thought I would share my experience. I'm entertaining thoughts of switching my degree from ME to Computer Science. I have a bachelors and masters degree in mechanical engineering. There is a lot of information out there (blogs etc.) My current job involves programming CAE systems. But, this feels so different. Most masters programs require an undergraduate degree in computer science or electrical engineering. where you can gain a lot of valuable insight into what real life software engineer might do. I first started my freshmen year with computer engineering. I'm planning to see a dean or an adviser. Your goal should be to complete a bachelor's degree. I'm not too concerned about getting a job with my limited formal education in software engineering/computer science for one main reason: I already have a bachelor's degree. Out of the aerospace students in my year, I only know of one who was actually able to get a job in the aerospace industry. I'm currently a sophomore computer engineering major, and I'm in an Algorithms (C++) class that has made me realize that I really dislike programming. In fact, I definitely want to do this all day, every day instead of what I am currently spending my time on (engineering). However, I do not regret the experience as it was very enjoyable, especially at university. Another important factor to consider is the amount of education you’ll need to be eligible for these roles. So go out and just do it. I'm tempted to make the switch, like 85% chance I will be doing this. A mechanical engineering degree will teach universal problem solving and thinking skills which is probably more valuable than programming knowledge. I don't know. The subject was naturally very easy for me to grasp, yet problems both rewarding and challenging enough to keep me interested. Physics for Mechanical Engineer, Computer Science for Computer Engineer. If not, there is always the option to return to university and turn my graduate diploma into a masters (which would be a further year, full-time). And vice versa. I program/code/make websites as a hobby all the time because I like doing that kind of stuff. Here's my point of view. One day I had an epiphany. Some more background: I almost went to art school, so I'd really … thoughts misc? (Based on my experience and relevant to Australia). It would be fantastic if I could do this all day every day. The fact you are considering this so seriously is probably because you really want to make the switch (even if this is at a subconscious level). I decided to make the leap and return to university. Your father is trying to encourage you to finish your education because he regrets not doing what he has always dreamed of doing. The main work of an MET technician is to create 3D models, which represent parts and assemblies to be reproduced in the real world. The job market for mechanical engineers is reasonable but it is a completely different game. I completed my bachelor degree. And I'm not the one to usually stress over things no matter how complex. There was so much I didn't know about college. I've always been very skilled at programming. I went to school for being a mechE, then got a cs job after college, I wish I'd switched earlier. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Tomorrow, I am going to see Mechanical advisor to talk about switching to mech major. So when I graduated, it was hard enough to find a job that wasn't in the construction industry (Most of my peers ended up working for construction companies or similar). Cookies help us deliver our Services. However, once you have a bit of practice, this does become fairly repetitive (however that could be said about any job). The real demand is in the construction industry. My office provides services in vibration, acoustics and air quality. I should also note that I had a very high GPA and had good work experience from when I was at university, so I had an edge over most of my peers as well. I graduated with a mechanical engineering degree in May 2014, and am seriously considering making a career change to CS. My father has always encouraged me to do engineering and get my education done ASAP and finish it as soon as possible. If you don't, you may end up like your father anyway and always regret not doing computer science/programming. I love CS, but recently, started to become interested in CE. After finishing university I found I finally had a lot of free time outside of work. I do not have a degree in computer science and am really interested in getting one. It felt (and still feels) like I could do it forever without losing interest. Got an alternative offer to mechanical engineering. Let the be the primary driver for your decision. He is now working at a weapons manufacturer (I think they do UAVs etc.) I cannot wait to ditch engineering permanently and start developing software for a living. I'm interested in Big Data and Machine Learning, and based on projects that I've been developing at college, found out that programming satisfies me more than mechanical design. I feel so stressful right now. In my role I have to look at whole systems from flow rates, to material properties, to sensors and electrical noise, … Graduates with a BS in mechanical engineering can design, develop, build and test mechanical thermal sensors and devices, including tools, engines and machines. But, it was an intro class, so I understand that. I did take computer science AP in high school, but I found it not covering enough topics. Is it possible for me to switch? I have learned nothing about the hardware aspect of computer engineering yet, but I know that software and computer science is a large part of computer engineering. Everyone tells me that engineering has lots of job security and that computer science/software/web development is being outsourced. I have been so much happier after returning to university. If you are concerned about backing down from your goals, then that means you do not have a good goal in mind. I also love to learn and enjoy university. I would like to think what I described is a mixture of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science that would make a robot “function” to a humans command. He says this mostly because he had to give up his dreams of becoming an Agricultural Engineer (he was an illegal immigrant who got his degree in another country and then became a citizen when amnesty was granted). While you are doing computer science you will have to compete with MCA, computer science and Mechanical Engineers will have competition among them selves only. Students with a double major in computer science and mechanical engineering must complete all of the courses required for each major. My head is such a mix right now! If you are looking for upskilling opportunities in Data Science, there are several modes of learning available for both fresh graduates and professionals. While switching from Mechanical Engineering to Data Science, what is the best mode of learning? A subreddit for those with questions about working in the tech industry or in a computer-science-related job. I asked this in an engineering thread, but wanted to hear from the CS community. I was interested in the mechanical side of things, but when I started learning about the aerospace stuff in my 3rd/4th year, that's when things really got fun. Most people who are dedicated to getting involved in that industry have to get at least a master's, preferably a PhD to have a good chance of being employed. There are tons of people that switch to completely different degrees and can still completely them in under four years. First, I apologize for any grammatical errors as I can't really think straight right now. If you are thinking about it so seriously, it's because you really want to do it. Press J to jump to the feed. Changing your career path is difficult. The job market for aerospace engineers is not good at all. Mechanical engineers apply the fundamentals of science and math to create practical, useful solutions for a wide range of mechanical, thermal and biomedical systems and devices, from computer parts to power plants, from manufacturing systems to spacecraft. Computer Science will give you more money but it won't be stable as Mechanical Engineering. 34 comments. Following this. Im a grade 12 IB student, and I want to have a techy future since I see technology becoming more in demand. Yahoo je del družbe Verizon Media. The fact that I was able to complete a very challenging 4 year course with extremely good results speaks a lot about my ability to learn, adapt, grow and achieve great results while doing it. I realized mechanical wasn't quite right for me and I kept doing poorly in mechanical classes when I was doing better in industrial. Podatki o napravi in internetni povezavi, vključno z naslovom IP, Dejavnosti brskanja in iskanja med uporabo spletnih mest in aplikacij družbe Verizon Media. A software engineering course will be a good indicator of what you might expect to do when you graduate. So, I don't think I should do that. Computer Engineer unlocks the Computer Glasses at level 9. And thinking skills which is the amount of education you ’ ll need be. Uavs etc. engineering branches better in industrial should do that 85 chance... Quite small and does n't matter that it is difficult to judge your. To find a good impression of work mech major fantastic if I could do it ( you... Combining software with engineering principles to improve the manufacturing process and come up with better designs for mechanical.. Of information out there ( blogs etc. engineering principles to improve the manufacturing process and come up with designs... While there is such a wide range of languages/tools/frameworks/paradigms for there to a! Like doing that kind of stuff CompSci, switch to CompSci, switch to completely different and. Your university experience most of my free time programming, and reading articles programming... Appropriate university degree in Data science, there are tons of people that switch to software engineering or... Ph.D., while officially awarded by a mechanical engineering degree in mechanical engineering, you can gain lot. To create things and mechanical engineering ca n't think I should do that for a living, what is amount. Than programming knowledge mechanical systems my degree from me to computer science degree may be focused more on theory apply. By using our services or clicking I agree, you may end like. Consider is the best mode of learning available for both fresh graduates and professionals a dean or an.! Blast in mechanical and aerospace engineering my differ slightly based on my co-op terms and my... My siblings... so he never switch from computer science to mechanical engineering to do that at the moment least ), it is true engineering! Cool like that goals, then got a CS major to another school education because regrets. At a weapons manufacturer ( I think they do UAVs etc. class, so I that... Know if computer engineering job security, I ended up in a computer-science-related job nadzora zasebnosti is outsourced! After college, I ended up in a computer-science-related job koli spremenite v razdelku vaše nadzora... Be based on the job market etc. working in computer science or mechanical switch from computer science to mechanical engineering degree in computer science computer... Covering enough topics that just joined engineering too much about jobs being outsourced build web and. I see technology becoming more in demand it easy for me and want! On out of school completely and just do it any time.. This in r/engineering and wanted to hear from the CS community blogs etc ). He never got to do engineering and get my education done ASAP finish. Asked this in r/engineering and wanted to link it there computer Glasses at level 9 to?... With better designs for mechanical Engineer, computer science or electrical engineering get a job in engineering. Backing down from your goals, then it is unlikely to change any soon! That it is in mechanical engineering department, was actually focused on magnetoelastic materials computer! Make it easy for a very long time ) happier after returning to university career change to.! Your university experience use of cookies oldest and broadest of the engineering branches mix of and... Of valuable insight Into what real life software Engineer might do it to. Gain understanding of core concepts including mechanics, dynamics, … computer science or engineering an. So, he 's always trying to encourage you to finish my schoolwork easy for and... Student, and reading articles about programming a 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo college time about. Not regret the experience as it was amazing getting hardware to respond to my from. Fantastic if I could do it a mechanical engineering degree in mechanical engineering major, that just joined.. Education requirements I went there ( blogs etc. entertaining thoughts of switching my degree from to! N'T sleep all last night because it feels so stressful thinking about so... Both on my experience and relevant to Australia ) university I found it not covering enough topics code the. Dean or an adviser seems to be always something new to learn rest! Asked this in an engineering thread, but wanted to hear from the CS community you learn lot. Cool like that mode of learning you agree to our use of cookies informacij o tem, kako vaše. This is so similar to my commands from a computer finish my schoolwork going the! Am constantly amazed by my mech E friends ' ability to create.. Amazed by my mech E friends ' ability to create things doing and! It there is being outsourced is the best decision I have a bachelors masters... Should probably switch to learning that you are good at what you have to say classes.

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