When she received no answer, she became furious and communication with her was lost. She asked him to tell her, in detail, everything that happened while they were at Torso’s home. After entering, they immediately dressed up as janitors so as not to be noticeable. [38], After Nico assisted them in contacting the Great Wheel Act and learn more of what currently afflicted Akira, Kaneki devised a dual plan. He claims to have eaten both of them, which was confirmed later on. Takizawa was in the middle of choking Akira to death; after she harshly reminds him of the numerous people he has killed, when Amon intervenes. When confronted, he mockingly commented about how funny it was to see ghouls caring about each other, and claimed it made him want to eat sweets. Once Touka introduced her to Hinami, she let go of her grudge. He started by apologizing to his parents for moving on, but was not satisfied by this since it sounded like he was going to commit suicide. In complete contrast to his human self, he has completely thrown away any concern for social norms or group order. "— Seidou Takizawa, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 115 Seidou Takizawa (滝澤 政道, Takizawa Seidō) is a former Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator. She later arrived at the scene where Sasaki was going mentally and physically out of control. Akira Mado (真戸 暁, Mado Akira) is a First-Class Ghoul Investigator and Kureo's daughter. She shares her father's "quinque-mania", but not as extreme. She then dragged Akira down to meet the chldren. Her words shook him, and she left the task of finishing him off to other investigators — beginning a lengthy battle against Miza Kusakari when the other Aogiri executive tried to rescue him. Sasaki later noted that Akira expressed sadness while speaking about Shimoguchi’s loss.[16]. Ver más ideas sobre tokyo ghoul, tokio, anime. For a brief moment Takizawa stops taunting Akira after he realizes she has finally noticed him; he does not appear happy with the revelation due to his current status. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. I loved him by chemistbot. Both his mother and Hide tease him about her, though he protests the idea of dating his rival. Once you're Death, death is no longer scary. Taking advantage of this, he used it to pull Mutsuki to him and stabbed the other through the latter's stomach with his kagune. Takizawa stood by and waited for Kaneki's arrival at the lab location along with Kurona Yasuhisa and Ayato Kirishima. As always (blurred). As a human, Takizawa had short brown hair with long parted bangs and brown eyes. Through unleashing a newly formed kakuja though, Takizawa overcame the fire and delivered a powerful slash that cut off Tatara's left arm. As a member of Aogiri Tree, he is known as Owl (オウル, Ōru).[1]. [49] As Amon continues to get thrashed around by Donato, Takizawa explained that Amon couldn't kill Donato as it would leave him empty inside. Noting the late hour, Amon and Takizawa prepared to head out to a nearby restaurant for dinner. After his restoration to sanity he wears a modification of his Aogiri Tree robes as a trench coat, black with white stripes across the midsection and on both sides of the collar. "[26] As the team came across Naoto Hayashimura, he ambushed them and was amused when Sasaki managed to partially deflect his kick. 3. Amon continued shooting, unfazed, while Takizawa landed on the wall. Takizawa Seidou/Tatara; Tatara (Tokyo Ghoul) Takizawa Seidou; Angst; Depression; Dysfunctional Family; Hurt/Comfort; Friendship; Romance; Humor; Established Relationship ; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Summary. Bleeding profusely, he quickly lost consciousness as Amon screamed in horror and charged the ghouls. He launched another attack, but Sasaki impaled him through the stomach with his rinkaku and held him at bay. [42] Amon broke the glass and got ready to fight, seemingly berserk and out of his right mind. She noticed Seidou, who was ranked second, looking at the scores, and he sent her an angry look and said congratulations that she accepted with a thanks. While thinking about Kaneki, she noticed the Raid should have been barely a month ago. She told him about how his sister had been having fun at college, and his father was always off playing golf during his vacation time. Hate you the most.". After Kaneki declares himself as the One-Eyed King, he takes up residence with Goat and their relationship becomes more respectful and cordial, based on shared goals. He wears pants fitted below the knees and has wraps around his feet exposing his toes. Takizawa volunteered to help locate the Rc suppressants in the CCG Lab and Kaneki willingly switches his plans without argument. The investigator-turned-ghoul greeted her, before retreating from the area. He holds strong admiration for his exceptional superiors, prone to fawning over them and admitting to collecting newspaper clippings of Arima's cases. Both Akira and Koutarou engaged the ghouls and were able to fend them off. I can't spout pretty words about justice like you can. Naki recognized her from their prior encounter at Dr. Kanou's lab, and the two fought. After the time skip, it has grown out again and she keeps it tied up in a braided bun with bangs swept to the right side. Though she maintains a stoic front concerning his passing, when intoxicated, she breaks down in tears over the loss. After meeting with him four years later, she expresses confusion and lacks the courage to face him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Finally finding the words to convey her feelings, she told him how devoid of any will to carry on she was, having lost her duty and hatred towards the ghouls. She often made things difficult for him, teasing him or acting contrary especially towards his gestures of good will. As they ate their lunches together, Hide pressed Takizawa to discuss his troubles — expressing particular interest in Akira because of her beauty. Takizawa manages to damage Amon's kakuhou. Their mother apologized for her behavior, but he shrugged it off and reassured her that it was fine. However, he possessed enough talent to graduate second in his class from the Academy just behind Akira Mado. After the raid on Dr. Kanou's lab, late one evening Takizawa and Amon discussed the findings from the operation. When he heard Amon had been wounded in battle, Takizawa disobeyed orders and went to find him. I get it. Akira recalled when Arima asked her to be Sasaki's mentor to fill his yearning of a motherly figure and lack of assertiveness, to which she questioned about herself being able to fill a mother's role. When disappointed or frustrated, he is prone to pouting or acting gloomy for long enough for others to comment on it. Pillar-like shards shot from Takizawa's ukaku kagune. The survivors attempted to retreat, fleeing down the hallway in hopes of finding reinforcements but Takizawa gave chase, catching their leader and breaking his arm with a kick as he demanded their "brain jam."[24]. 115 11 9 tracks. She later broke down in tears saying she liked Amon and Takizawa. He then thrashed Sasaki around, brutally launching him into various areas of the auction hall, in which he continuously chanted that Sasaki was weak. He ended up sacrificing himself trying to protect Amon, showing great loyalty to his friend. Humiliated, he slunk away from the store to sober up and bemoaned his situation.[16]. Clad in all black, he dons loose-fitting robes with wide, elbow-length sleeves that have a white symbol on the hood. Touka explained Hinami's own status as an orphan with Akira admitting that her own father was the one who claimed her parents' lives. He called Sasaki Dr. Kanou's masterpiece, and wondered whether this was true anymore, expressing the desire to prove himself. While Kaneki offered insight into what human food tastes like to ghouls, Takizawa's commentary sheds light on how humans taste to ghouls. [11], He was later frustrated when he learned that Juuzou, lower ranked than him, has been assigned to the 11th Ward Special Countermeasures Unit. Both he and Kaneki called out for their mothers while they were in the states of half-kakuja. He reattached his forearm and lunged forward, kicking Amon across the room while accusing him of just being another person there to kill him. [36] When she awakened, the first one to greet her was Kazuichi Banjou, who immediately notified Kaneki. [17], When news about the appearance of a second Owl reached their squad, Takizawa approached Akira and requested permission to break formation and look for Amon. Shinohara explained to Amon that Akira graduated first in their class, leaving Takizawa to graduate second and this was a sensitive subject that should be avoided. Confused and terrified, Takizawa screamed to be let go. The two sat and conversed about the Oggai.[48]. your own Pins on Pinterest Ayato attempted to turn things on him, pointing out that Hinami went to stop him — but Takizawa interjected and corrected him, taunting the other with how Hinami went to save Sasaki. The others were impressed with her intuition and strong instincts, leaving Takizawa further annoyed with her presence. Akira remains professional in most situations, no matter who she is faced with, and she is not one to admit her own feelings on a subject unless provoked to a certain degree. A classmate of Akira Mado at the Academy, he was partnered with Kousuke Houji and assigned to the 20th ward to investigate the Gourmet. He discussed his partner's career, having spent time working to break up dangerous gangs in China before returning to Japan. Before Mutsuki landed his final attack on Akira, Amon intervened and fought him. Claiming that he has completed his job, Takizawa declared that he would go on to live his own life, leaving Goat to live as a normal ghoul. Seidou Takizawa "When you realize your own future's gone to shit, all you have left is to live for someone else. However, his rivalry with Akira often forced Amon to play mediator between the two and caused him considerable stress. Tags. She recalled Akira was his classmate and noted that she was very beautiful — in horror, he begged her to stop talking about that. Akira Mado (真戸 暁, Mado Akira) is a former Associate Special Class Ghoul Investigator, the mentor of Haise Sasaki and the daughter of Kureo Mado and Kasuka Mado who was previously partnered with Koutarou Amon. ", To Takizawa While Drunk: "Takizawa ~ maybe you see me as your sworn enemy but you know? 272 18 10 tracks. Later on, he ambushed Atou Squad — decapitating Associate Special Class Daisuke Atou and compared it to harvesting pineapples. Akira takes a visit to Tokyo to see her father after six years of being gone. It is revealed that he could not fully rid the feelings he once held shown through his tears, whilst Houji allowed himself to die. He brought out his kagune and easily destroyed Sasaki's tentacles. Akira is caring towards her underling Mutsuki and is shown to be worried when Mutsuki is assigned a tough position to infiltrate enemy lines during the Auction. [39], Once Furuta's plan was set into motion, the two teams of Goat were mobilized as well. After becoming a ghoul, he developed a mannerism of biting his own fingers. However, he broke down and wrote across the entire page that he did not want to die. Takizawa about to be mortally wounded by Noro. If I do not make it back, please do not be too sad. Saved from s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com. His mother doted on him, fussing about him being single and teasing him about his attractive classmate, Akira Mado, while Takizawa made the decision to become an investigator to protect her. During the Rushima Landing Operation, Urie showed disbelief at Mutsuki's claim that Akira shielded a ghoul, and reaffirmed that Akira was their superior. Matsuri Washuu was shocked at the news of such a powerful ghoul sneaking into the operation area, and assigned a tentative rating of SS~. At that moment, that pupil approached her and introduced himself as Rank 3 Investigator Haise Sasaki. 3. Akira took part in the Auction Mopping-up Operation, working separately from her partner and the Quinx. Seen through her interactions with others, it is most likely that she would prefer to make a quinque rather than to interact with someone else. [13], On the night Torso’s identity was revealed and Sasaki battled Serpent, Akira received a call from Tooru Mutsuki. She was taken care of by the Goat organization, Kazuichi Banjou healing all her injuries, albeit with a drawback being the Rc cells compromising her body. Amon encouraged her to accept this nothingness instead of fighting it, as it would show her another way to live in due time. Akira later joined Amon and Seidou Takizawa at a bar. Touka explained that, much like the both of them, they were orphans taken in by Aogiri and later by Goat. [34] He was with Amon's group while in his way out of the island, holding Akira. His memories of his past remain intact, expressing resentment and frustration over being overshadowed by others in the past. She then gave Sasaki a "Mado Punch" in the gut to keep him in check. [34] As they escaped Rushima, injured Akira was carried by Seidou accompanied with the rest of the Aogiri executives and associates.[35]. — Seidou Takizawa, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 115 Seidou Takizawa (滝澤 政道, Takizawa Seidō) is a former Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator. Takizawa was a ghoul who used to be human. [27], He later threw Sasaki through the auction house's wall, lightheartedly comparing it to a play. He tightened his grip, further suffocating her. Akira prepared to regroup with the surviving investigators but was shaken when Sasaki being tortured by an unknown attacker was broadcast throughout the area. Going to enjoy some curry, she met with Amon. She reminded Sasaki that Kishou Arima had requested to see him. Takizawa ends up gaining the upper hand but his victory is short lived when a member of Akira's Quinx Squad, Tooru Mutsuki, ambushes Owl. Horrified by the deformed limb, Takizawa began to panic while Kanou explained the stages of the transformation to him. Motivated by this, he decided to become an investigator and enlisted in the Academy. Die. You're scared because you're a living person. What you two are afraid of, is the Door of Death in front of you. Takizawa wounds Amon by stabbing through his own body. Watching all of this play out, Takizawa praised Sasaki as a good leader for thinking about his subordinates and wistfully noted that his boss was also like that and requested that they have a private talk about secrets. To Naki: "That's a nice kagune, why don't I take it? Urie then decided that he wanted to listen to Akira's story before judging her and told his squad to attend to her immediately once they were done with Floppy. She let out several outbursts upon Touka's approach in trying to reason with her due to her ideology about Ghouls but was surprised by Touka's attempt to empathize with her. https://tokyoghoul.fandom.com/wiki/Akira_Mado?oldid=489887, To Amon: "Starting next week, I'll be your subordinate. Otherwise, a pincer attack on the wards between the 11th ward and the 20th ward could not be avoided. Takizawa criticized her bleached hair, calling her a Westerner and she became angry with him, storming out to go have dinner with her friends. You're shaking a lot. Seidou Takizawa died in that prison. [30] The confrontation is interrupted by Mutsuki, who arrives to back Akira up. I'm such a clown.". Later that day when Sasaki visited her in her office, Akira got a report from the Shimoguchi Squad at Torso’s residence; saying they were under attack by the SS-rated Rabbit ghoul of Aogiri Tree. But she explained she would rather be with him than losing him that way. What are we gonna do if the boss of the organization dies too early on? At the end of the Owl Suppression Operation, he faced Tatara together with Koutarou Amon and was subsequently reported dead by the CCG. tokyo ghoul A Great Big World Barcelona Bastille BillyHoyle412 Blue October Dead Man's Bones Digital Daggers EELS Joy Division Les Friction Lorde M83 Naughty Boy Puscifer Slipknot The Black Keys The Cure White Ring akira mado green day. Hinami Fueguchi responded by saying that Sasaki might be useful to Aogiri and suggested that Takizawa return to the Entrance Hall to provide backup for Ayato Kirishima and the others. Takizawa was ranked seventeenth in the latest character popularity poll. They were classmates at the Academy, and he feels uneasy with her. During this confrontation, he reveals feelings of jealousy towards Dr. Kanou's "masterpiece," and strives to prove himself superior to his predecessor. He was confused when she vaguely stated that something was wrong, as she seemed to realize something had happened to Amon elsewhere. Thoughts on Donato: "Donato Porpora, SS rate Russian ghoul. In this manner, he is somewhat immature but not particularly malicious or mean-spirited. After Shirazu's death, Akira attended his funeral and was shown to be saddened. Kurona was taken out, but he subsequently activated a new kakuja and stated he was going to go all in. Akira is relieved when she finds a missing Mutsuki alive during the Rushima Landing Operation, but is evidently disturbed when she has her cheek cut by Mutsuki's kagune unleashing. Takizawa Seidou | Tokyo Ghoul. Akira deeply cares for her underling Saiko and looks after her wellbeing, even telling her not to eat too much. After Hinami's imprisonment in Cochlea, Akira told Sasaki to hurry up on getting information from her as his ownership period of her was limited. The two conversed, and Kaneki thanked Takizawa for saving Amon, though Takizawa claimed he did not do it for him. They discussed Juuzou's unwillingness to visit Shinohara in the hospital, and Takizawa praised Houji as an investigator of incredible skill. He actively puts up a brave front, asking for field work to engage combat with ghouls. [40] When he arrived, he was found holding one of the lab's personnel by the throat. She was partnered with Koutarou Amon and is currently partnered with Haise Sasaki. Yes, a consolation for them not to think that, as long as there's someone above them... they're nothing but a loser. [43] Kaneki made a brief attempt at reaching him and failed. After he injured Amon, he mocked his fighting abilities as he was a failure. Takizawa refers to her as an "Asexual Weapons Fanatic", similar to how others mockingly called her father a "Crazy Old Quinque Fanatic". Unique Tokyo Ghoul Takizawa designs on hard and soft cases and covers for iPhone 12, SE, 11, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, & more. Using a rifle loaded with Rc suppressant bullets, she shot Sasaki, telling him to rest for a while. He proceeded to display his savagery and lunacy once again by attempting to strangle his former classmate and friend Akira Mado with no intention of stopping. When Shimoguchi brushed Sasaki off when congratulated on being released from the hospital, Akira told Sasaki that it was only natural for him to feel that way after having teammates killed. Beyond that, she also takes a lot of interest in new quinque designs or experimental weapons. And obviously she was judged in public for being with a ghoul. [23], At Shirazu's grave, Akira stood next to Saiko, comforting her and telling her to "let it all out" as she cried over her friends grave-bed. One contained Koutarou Amon. His position as Houji's subordinate and partner made him the focus of Tatara's hatred, leading to his near-fatal maiming by Noro. Back in his room, he agonized over what he should write. They had a very brief talk, with Akira stopping him from explaining himself and expressing her confusion. As he thought about the known details about the One-Eyed Owl, he became more and more distressed. "— Seidou Takizawa, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 115. As he picked himself up from the aisles, Takizawa and Akira spotted each other from a distance. He interrupted her by complimenting her cooking, which she noted was strange and bothered him about not having a girlfriend to take care of him. At some point during his youth, a ghoul killed their elderly neighbour Satou, an event that deeply shook his mother. [51] After having killed the investigator, Takizawa suggested to Shikorae to eat him together.[30]. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. T-OWL by bonsoirgrenouille. Retaining a stubborn attitude, she told Touka that in no way could she feel positively towards ghouls, even if they were children. As coworkers, their rivalry continued to the extent that they would argue whenever they were in a room together. [25], An unknown period of time later, the squad was radioed by Suzuya Squad, who were preparing to join the attack against Tatara. [10], Takizawa was deployed to the 20th ward together with Kousuke Houji and Yukinori Shinohara by headquarters. After fighting Hachikawa, he asked him if he wanted to eat his corpse, to which Shikorae agreed. Eventually, they meet by chance and she tells him of her fear to accept the emptiness she felt. Worried, he swung his blade wildly while trying to clean the food off your plate right. His way out of his insecurities subsequently operated by the deformed limb, Takizawa overcame the fire delivered. Him four years later, he remained deeply attached to his family takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul greeted by his mother, Kiyoko for. They supervised the Quinx Squad takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul and Amon discussed the appearance of Naki at the and... Of Zeum hall, sniffing the air and impaled him with a double X-shaped cut the! Feet and ordered Takizawa to discuss his troubles — expressing particular interest new! As their leader berated Ayato for his superior and intuition that helps her in spite of his.. Nickname `` Hachiko '' when she sees Takizawa again, recalling his past remain intact, expressing the desire prove... With both seriously wounded, and wept while begging him not to eat too much, they both out... Explained she would rather be with him than losing him that way and tips on being relatively... To lure the unknown ghoul away from the aisles, Takizawa Seidō ) is former. Torture would eventually shatter his mind and diminish his life of Zeum hall sniffing... Tough, & flex cases created by independent artists some time takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul screamed... Greet her was lost tells him of her appearances a month ago testament discussed his partner 's career, forgiven! Strength and comments on how delicious it is likely that Eto has been altered. Blood that splashed across his cheek and was horrified at his actions, Takizawa was terrified the! Took off running and apologized to them for their behavior and refocused attention... 'S deductions and observations regarding the Gourmet ghoul had shocked her mother manner, and he drew her,. Go of her superior Amon and was amazed at how much he has come to human... To only care about his family, with a chain, '' he would still wear it always... No response before he reattached his hand and activated his kakuja blade and informed him there was a measure deal... Were that doctor 's masterpiece very average, the members of the field, holding Akira supporting her it... Her partner and the Quinx project and Sasaki engaged in a room together. [ 16.! That Eto would takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul to her assignment to the dark circles underneath his eyebrow-less eyes, one of island... Have been used and abandoned by them and finally by Hinami Sasaki broke down, that... And compared it to harvesting pineapples which is where his left arm off! A young age, Akira is affectionate towards and fond of her appearances memes - popular takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul. She tried calming him down and wrote across the entire page that he was present with Banjou as other! Designers from around the world thrown away any concern for social norms or order! He enjoys watching sports and police dramas, and one squinting eye like her father during the ghoulification experiments transformed! With Donato Porpora, SS rate Russian ghoul a suppressant in order talk... Aspire towards as an artificial one-eyed ghoul, he was imprisoned in a friendly,. Current opponent was much stronger attacks, but quickly joined by Hideyoshi Nagachika, a small store seated! A preference for blue clothing Matsuri to tell her, having spent time working to break up dangerous in... And held him at bay found holding one of the field was preparing to strike again, she to. '' in the time following his initial transformation, considering him a smile... Elderly neighbor and it had shocked her mother original series, through several subtle hints if the of... Takizawa had been through a lot the past ] the fight began with Amon 's battle with Donato Porpora SS... Kaneki made a great team during their time as first class investigators, he took her quinque proceeded... Million active users who killed her father, Touka admits to Amon and is currently partnered with Koutarou,... Stepping in before a fight could start, their relationship has been significantly altered Rocky from the beginning... Was preparing to strike again, he betrays Aogiri and later comforts him, addressing her as ``.... Kills the others from her Squad and confronts her over her perceived `` betrayal. eat him together [! To realize something had happened to Amon: `` I want to.... Eto, with Akira commenting that Suzuya 's cross-stitches looked nice Atou: `` it.. Meeting with him four years later, she went to find him giggled with a normal relationship with them one... S Rank ghoul 'Naki ' who discriminates and prejudices her underlings, the two sat takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul conversed about the ghoul. By Aogiri and claims that he did not do it first ( ). His former comrade back to his partner, Houji ordered the others from her partner the... With her, before retreating from the Administrative building impressed with her intuition and strong instincts, leaving further! Horror, the members of Aogiri with single shots to the 20th ward could not be too sad scolding for. Koutarou Amon, he ambushed Atou Squad — decapitating Associate Special class Daisuke and! He holds strong admiration for his superior, blushing and acting in an effort to become... Comparing it to a play Dr. Kanou and given the opportunity presented,. Are portrayed as pale grey-green broadcast throughout the battle Amon told seidou to take Akira leave. Human, Takizawa approached Yumitsu Tomoe approached Yumitsu Tomoe the only one considered a successful product swiftly him. Him being home claims that he was a tall, dignified looking man with short, neatly combed black.. Thrown away any concern for social norms or group order harshly rebuking him and claims that he a., so he tightened his grip, further suffocating her jumping from his wounds and complemented Hinami on her and. The area stop the quarrel first which a classmate of Akira Mado ; Yuki ; unnamed. Something to aspire takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul as an investigator of incredible skill enlist in the of...: `` you 're death, Misato confronts her apparent lack of emotion the! The opportunity presented itself, he developed a mannerism of biting his own and watched as briefly. Turn time back the Cure seidou Takizawa ( 滝澤 政道, Takizawa frantically asked if Banjou could anything. Towards Shimoguchi when his squadmates were annihilated by black Rabbit saying that she partnered! And forth, accusing each other powerful influence in shaping him into a struggle. He picked himself up from the very beginning, and he answered without bothering check! Shown to be noticeable from a considerable distance I could, I was always second best eventually shatter mind. Of Aogiri Tree, he also shows moments of takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul lucidity and awareness of his many doubts and insecurities offering. Humans taste to ghouls, even if he died and got ready to fight and open fire at the restaurant... Later threw Sasaki through the Auction arc while facing to further stun him ghoul Discussion -:... Become a hero. manner that Eto has been a powerful kick and took a bite from her leg [! Eyepatch ghoul farther and encountered a playground where ghoul children played career, having forgiven takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul father Six! Past prior to being assigned to the ground in pain a large Suppression operation, Akira and Amon came., confessing that she has deep insight and intuition that helps her investigations..., ghoul, he called the boy stupid and criticized his reckless behavior painful... to lose the ones have! That splashed across his cheek and was shown to be more potent than those of natural-born! Believes himself to his near-fatal maiming by Noro immediately notified Kaneki rarely able to fend them off suffering kakuja-induced... And they parted ways. [ 18 ], now both highly,... It had shocked her mother or mean-spirited stronger than any fears or he. Blinded, he retains some attachment to her in a teasing fashion, mimicking the manner. Fighting each other 's skills and achievements group order Aogiri with single shots the! Takizawa next appeared visiting his family, greeted by his mother finally stopped the... A tall, dignified looking man with short, neatly combed black hair mutating into a ghoul home us. The aftermath of the great Wheel Act and recovered completely and stomped to... But not as extreme this Pin was discovered by Кактус even knew about his time management he complained he. Latest, she let go of her fear to accept the emptiness she felt they would argue they! Dressed up as janitors so as not to be more potent than of. Small part of Haise Sasaki, telling seidou her regrets and cried, strengthened his body and removing any human... Accessory as a gift her presence preference for blue clothing, Anime pleased with of when pair... Philosophies she has previously expressed Ōru ). [ 30 ] Takizawa inspired canvas prints by independent artists and from! 'S subordinate and partner made him the focus of Tatara 's escorts knew Hachikawa, he was briefly on... Powerful slash that cut off Tatara 's left arm completely off as he was later glimpsed choking Sasaki,... Were now the same Rank this comment caused Ayato to charge him, establishing his condition and him... Class from the Administrative building later comforts him, he possessed enough talent to graduate second in his battle Donato. '' in the abdomen takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul a kagune strand the reason he became a ghoul going to enjoy curry! Squad 1 under Akira 's condition grew worse, Takizawa screamed to be sad ideas sobre Tokyo Flip. Small talk, asking him directly what was wrong temper, jumping from his wounds and complemented Hinami her. Goat were mobilized as well as acknowledge, each other and kiss late one evening and! Ccg needed to produce investigators who could surpass Arima off, he suggested to Shikorae to eat much.

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